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Charlotte Flatwoods Environmental Park

Charlotte Flatwoods Environmental Park

Charlotte Flatwoods Environmental Park is 487 acres of mature pine flatwoods, Hydric pine flatwoods, dry prairie, depressional marsh wetlands, and permanent freshwater ponds. Located in southern Charlotte County, Charlotte Flatwoods abuts both Southwest Florida Water Management preserve lands as well as Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission preserve lands, creating an important wildlife corridor to the Babcock/Webb Wildlife Management Area.

The depressional marsh wetlands and larger slough system are natural flowways through the park and are home to several species of wading birds, as well as the sandhill crane, a species of special concern by state of Florida. The wetland areas also provide habitat for a wide assortment of reptiles and amphibians including the American alligator, banded water snake, and cricket frogs.

The pine flatwoods and dry prairies provide habitat for a wide variety of wildlife. Bobcats, deer, otters and turkey can be observed roaming through these habitats. The wide variety of birds calling Charlotte Flatwoods home including great horned owls, bald eagles, sparrows, the American kestrel, yellow-bellied sapsuckers, warblers and on occasion the red cockaded woodpecker. Also abundant in the drier habitats are different species of snakes - The pygmy rattlesnake, yellow rat snake, garter snake and eastern diamondback rattlesnake can all be seen slithering through the palmettos.

Charlotte Flatwoods Environmental Park
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