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Flood Warning System

The biggest threat of general flooding is during the hurricane season (June through November). Residents should tune to TV and radio weather broadcasts and be alert to special local advisories. Local radio and TV stations will carry advisories for our area.

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  • WKII (AM 1070)
  • WCCF (AM 1580)
  • WENG (AM 1530)
  • WGCU (FM 90.1)
  • WIKX (FM 92.9)
  • WCVU (FM 104.9)


  • WBBH Channel 20 (Cable Channel 2)
  • WINK Channel 11 (Cable Channel 5)
  • WFTX Channel 36 (Cable Channel 4)
  • WZVN Channel 26 (Cable Channel 7)
  • SNN Channel 6 (Cable)
  • WWSB Channel 40

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) maintains contact with the National Weather Service and National Hurricane Center and relays updates of threatening weather to government, media, hospitals, and nursing homes. The OEM can override the cable broadcast system to provide the public with information on storms, flood watches, and flood warnings. Law enforcement and fire-rescue officials have the ability to deliver flood warning messages if a storm develops at night with no opportunity for prior warning to the public. Another source of information is the NOAA Weather Radio. Flood watches and warnings will be broadcast on these radios as soon as they are issued by the National Weather Service.

Evacuation routes

Identify evacuation routes before the storm to know where to go with this Charlotte County Evacuation Route Map. Assistance in evacuation can be arranged for eligible parties by registering with the Office of Emergency Management. Call 941.833.4000 for information on the Special Needs Program.

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