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AED Registration

Does your business or employer have an AED, an automated external defibrillator? Charlotte County Fire/EMS is compiling a database of AED locations so emergency dispatchers who receive 911 calls involving victims of heart-related incidents can direct callers to an AED if it is available.

There are dozens of AEDs available at public places, including county and Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office facilities, schools and in the City of Punta Gorda. Businesses are buying these affordable, portable lifesavers in case their employees or customers need them. Knowing where they are located and who the primary contact is at the business could mean the difference between life and death, and we encourage business owners to register their AEDs.

AED location forms can be emailed or mailed to Fire & EMS.

The video below tells how to register an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) location so 911 dispatchers can quickly direct a person to the location during an emergency. It also describes how an AED works.

AED Registration Form

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