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Sewer Master Plan

The Charlotte County Sewer Master Plan's (CCSMP) focus is to protect the health of Charlotte Harbor, quality of life for our citizens and strong infrastructure for sustainable communities. 

In October 2016, Charlotte County Utilities began developing its CCSMP, which is a road map for future development of sewer and wastewater systems in Charlotte County.  Our goal is to collaboratively develop and prepare an implementation plan for an affordable, reliable, and efficient collection and treatment system for a sustainable environment.

Sewer Master Plan Report
Executive Summary

Systems for Our Citizens and Future Generations

  • Develop infrastructure to handle future development and maintain existing communities
  • Prioritize opportunities to conserve water and increase reclaimed water use
  • Reduce excess nutrients generated by septic systems to protect Charlotte Harbor's ecological and economical values
  • Create healthier communities by collecting and processing waste at central facilities instead of individual sites
  • Identify cooperative funding sources and flexible payment options for residents and business owners
  • Recommend efficient projects that improve property values and minimize capital, operations and maintenance costs


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