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Site Plan Review

Site Plan Review is a process that ensures that any new developments, or expansions of existing developments, comply with all of the appropriate land development regulations and that they are consistent with the county's Comprehensive Plan (Charlotte 2050).

When Required

  • ​Any residential development with the exception of individual home sites - one family, two family (duplex), townhouse or triplex.
  • All nonresidential developments.
  • Any facility, either new, modified or remodeled which has a pickup window, drive-thru facility for vehicles, regardless of size.
  • Any subdivision or new development located within a surface water protection district as designated in the comprehensive plan. (For the purpose of this paragraph, "new development" shall mean any improvement which requires a building permit for new principal construction.) New development located within a subdivision previously approved by the County shall be exempt from this section.
  • Certain development proposals which the Planning & Zoning Official may require to be reviewed when one or more of the following are met:
    • High traffic hazard locations.
    • Additions or modifications to existing developments.
    • Unanticipated types of development which are unusual to the area.
  • Site plans associated with special exceptions or variances shall be reviewed and comments provided (no approval shall be implied by this review) if required by the Planning & Zoning Official.
  • If the planned development (PD) process, as set forth in section 3-9-45, is being used in accordance with procedure.

Online Application

​Complete the Online Application. In addition to completing the online application, paper copies of all the associated documents and forms must be supplied to the Community Development Department.

Application Documents

​Please click the appropriate document, below:

Staff Contact

​Maryann Franks, Zoning Coordinator
Phone: 941.743.1208

Regulations Review

The Charlotte County Code of Laws & Ordinances contains the regulations.

Time Frame

​Each step (preliminary or final) takes no longer than 30 business days.

Reviews Required on Certain Commercial Permits

​This verifies that the new permit is in compliance with the original site plan review, or determine if a new site plan review needs to be undertaken.

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