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East West Spring Lake

Hardship 2022

Project Updates

On-Lot Home Connections
All on-lot home connections have been completed.

Road Restoration
Public Works will pave the roads in the project area after all the homeowners' on-lot connections have been made in Contracts B and C. They will pave the Contract D area after the on-lot connections have been made in that area.

Contract D
Arlington Court is 100% complete. The asphalting of road crossings is completed. Construction and landscaping of the vacuum station on Harbor Boulevard are completed. Construction staging areas will be at 157 and 159 Salem Ave, as well as 139 Francis Dr. A fence and privacy screen, will be placed on the perimeter of these properties. This project will be taken in multiple phases, starting with the streets on the east side of Harbor Boulevard, where –

  1. All the water mains will be installed
  2. The old water mains will be removed
  3. The new vacuum sewer mains will be installed
  4. Sewer service pits and laterals will be installed
  5. Storm drainage and crossings will be restored
  6. On-lot connections will take place at individual homes after the Vacuum Station on Harbor Boulevard has been completed, followed by sod restoration
  7. The roads will be re-paved by Public Works after the on-lot connections may have been made
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