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This provides information about plan review time frames, inspections and utility connections.

To learn how to print permit activity reports from the database using the Citizen Access Portal, read How to Print or Produce Permit Reports Online Guide.

Plan Review Time Frames as of Oct. 12


Category​ Average in Business Days Average in Weeks
​New Dwellings & Additions 14-16 3
​​Carports & Garages 14-16 3
​Remodels 3-5 ​1
​Accessories* (non-marine) 3-5 1
​Accessories (marine) ​5-7 1.5
​Resubmittals & Revisions ​1-3 ​-


Category​ Average in Business Days Average in Weeks
​New Buildings & Additions ​23-25 ​5
​Buildouts ​15-17 3.5
​Remodels (commercial) ​16-18 ​3.5
​Remodels (multifamily) 5-7 ​1.5
​Accessories ​5-7 ​1.5
​Resubmittals & Revisions ​2-4 ​-

Note: time frames are estimates and not a guarantee.

  • Dwellings = One and two family, townhome and mobile home.
  • Residential Accessories = Baby barriers, boatlifts, cages, canopies, decks, docks, doors, fences, garages, lanais, seawalls, sheds, shutters, signs, solar PV, swimming pools and windows.
  • Commercial Accessories = Same as Residential with the addition of parking lots and roofs.
  • Multifamily = Included in the Commercial Building category.

Inspections on Oct. 22

Utility Connections as of Sep. 21

  • Sewer: 58
  • Water: 137

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