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Health & Safety FAQ

Why does a fire truck respond on ambulance calls?
An engine company responds along with a rescue unit on calls that are reported to be of a critical nature. Such calls include heart attacks, overdoses, severe trauma, and calls in which a person is either unconscious or having difficulty in breathing. This is done to provide additional manpower at scenes where history has shown it is needed most. An engine company also responds, when due to a delayed response of the rescue, they are the closest unit to the scene.​

Are the crews on the fire trucks trained for medical emergencies?
All engine and ladder companies with Charlotte County Fire & EMS are trained to either the basic or advanced life support level. Eleven out of fourteen engine companies are advanced life support units and thus carry identical equipment as the rescue units.​

Why does a fire truck respond to automobile accidents?
All Charlotte County Fire & EMS engine companies carry complete extrication equipment (such as the Jaws of Life) and respond for the possibilities of extrication and to contain any fire or other hazards that may be present. The engine crews are also there to provide additional manpower for patient treatment if needed.​

What is the Special Operations Team?
The special operations team is a group of 22 specially trained firefighters. The team operates out of Station 12. The team and their specially designed apparatus respond county wide on all incidents that require their expertise. These incidents include hazardous material incidents, trench rescue, confined space rescue and high angle rescue. The team also responds as a heavy rescue on all large scale extrication incidents. 

I live in Englewood, who handles fire emergencies in my area?
The Englewood Fire Department provides service to Englewood, Cape Haze, Grove City, Manasota Key, Placida, and Rotonda.

Why are some trauma patients not transported to the closest hospital?
Patients who are deemed to be within the State trauma alert criteria are required, by law, to be transported to a trauma center. Patients are usually flown to the closest trauma center (Lee Memorial Hospital) when it is advantageous to do so due to driving time. Patients are also sent to a trauma center when the paramedic in charge feels it is in the patient’s best interest to do so.​

Why do I see firefighters checking businesses?
All commercial buildings in Charlotte County are inspected for code violations on a yearly basis. All engine, rescue and ladder companies perform these inspections. The company officers are responsible for inspections in their area and units are always in service for emergency calls. These inspections are required per the Charlotte County Charter and are handled through the department’s fire prevention office.​

Who do I contact if I have questions or need to schedule a fire apparatus for a presentation?
The Charlotte County Fire Department Public Information Officer Todd Dunn. Todd can be reached at 941.833.5610.

Who do I contact with regard to a possible fire hazard or safety concern?
If it is an emergency, call 911. For non-emergencies, contact Charlotte County Fire Department fire prevention office at 941.833.5606.

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