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Coastal Construction & Shoreline Protection

Proposed development within the coastal building zone, coastal barrier islands, sea turtle lighting zone and seaward of Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) requires additional consideration and review during the permitting process. The CCCL is a line established by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Additional information can be found on DEP’s website. Charlotte County code Chapter 3-5 also regulates the operation of motorized vehicles on shorelines, dune walkover structures, artificial shoreline stabilization structures, and dune restoration and stabilization projects. Any proposed development must comply prior to the issuance of building permits.

Charlotte County code Chapter 3-2, Article XI provides design standards within these coastal areas. Any questions pertaining to this code should be addressed to Charlotte County Building Plans Examiners at 941.743.1201. This code provides the minimum standards for design and construction of buildings to reduce the harmful effects of hurricanes. These standards are intended to address design features that affect the structural stability of the beach dunes and topography. See Code for design considerations, definitions and other construction requirements.

Beach Nesting Birds

Charlotte County Natural Resources Department assists federal and state agencies in the compliance of the Endangered Species Act of 1973 and the Migratory Bird Act in order to help preserve shorebirds with in Charlotte County. Several beach nesting bird species are declining in part due to habitat loss and the disruption of their nesting behaviors.

Natural Resources oversees the shorebird stewardship program; this program utilizes a network of county employees and volunteers to monitor threatened and endangered shorebirds and beach nesting birds on Charlotte County’s beaches. Volunteer opportunities include: helping protect beach nesting birds by roping off nesting areas for protection, monitoring hatchings and fledglings, as well as conducting outreach and education on listed shore bird species. Contact the Natural Resources Department at 941.613.3220 if you are interested in volunteering.

Sea Turtle Protection

The Sea Turtle Protection Ordinance protects threatened and endangered sea turtles, which nest on Charlotte County beaches. This code addresses construction within the sea turtle lighting zone in Charlotte County. The Sea Turtle Lighting Zone was developed by Charlotte County as a means to identify areas outside the Coastal Construction Control Line which pose additional concerns. Sea turtle nesting zones in Charlotte County can be found at Construction during the nesting season (May through October) as well as outside of nesting season is regulated with this code and state permits are required for any construction in the sea turtle lighting zone.

Both new and existing beach front lighting is reviewed by both the State and Charlotte County and are regulated to prevent the direct, indirect, or cumulative artificial illumination of the nesting zone from sunset to sunrise. New construction and remodeling can produce the most profound impacts on nesting habitat.

Section 3-5-298 of the Charlotte County Code addresses: construction of commercial, single and multi-family dwellings, accessory structures, and remodeling projects. This includes, but is not limited to parking lots, beach walkovers, and any outdoor construction or remodeling that may negatively impact nesting habitat. Natural Resources staff reviews plans and permit applications within the sea turtle lighting zone and conducts rough and final inspections to ensure compliance with the ordinance and all state and federal requirements.

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