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Land Management

Prescribed Fire

Land management is a necessity to protect the County's existing natural resource, allowing for increased flood control, filtering water resources, recharging the aquifer, cleaning the air, preserving the diversity of plant and animal species, and providing open spaces and recreational opportunities.

Environmental Parks & Preserves

Charlotte County Community Services invites you to experience nature's beauty at one of your environmental parks or preserves. Walk through the beautiful pine flatwoods and wetlands at Charlotte Flatwoods, bring your binoculars to view migratory and wading birds around Lemon Lake at Amberjack or hike to top of “Mount Tippecanoe” for a scenic view. Come and explore natural Florida in Charlotte County.

Exotics Fauna

Recent observation has concluded that Charlotte County Florida has new exotic and invasive residents. These residents include exotic iguanas and exotic feral hogs.

Prescribed Fire

Natural Resources staff helps to protect both state and federally listed species such as the Florida scrub-jay, various wading bird species, sea turtles, eastern indigo snakes and gopher tortoises.

Conservation Charlotte Program

Protecting environmentally sensitive lands balances the impacts of future growth while buffering sensitive areas from encroachment. Environmentally sensitive lands perform free services for us, including: flood control, filtering our water resources, recharging our aquifer, cleaning our air, and providing open spaces and recreational opportunities. Without protecting environmental lands these services cost much more. Preserving our special places allows us to avoid future infrastructure costs, and helps to keep Charlotte County unique and beautiful.

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